The Trick Question

I proposed a question to fellow creators the other day:

“Which would you rather have … a good vibration, or all the money?”

Just for a hypothetical moment, imagine you could choose between a giant pile of money or a platter containing a guaranteed good vibration. Which would you choose?

Even savvy creators might be tempted to choose the cash because it seems like that would do all the things that lead to good vibrations: the travel, the vacation homes, the cushy bank accounts … bingo! That’s mission accomplished! We’re home free once we’ve got the pile of money!

But the thing is …

The true value is in the good vibration, not the giant pile of money. And I don’t mean that just because money can’t buy the best things in life like love, health, purpose, etc.

I’m talking about even when it comes to material goods – money does not trump good vibrations. Not even then.

Because a good vibration can do things that money can’t do.

I know this from personal experience after shopping for Harvey’s favorite toy (the squeaky possum by Top Paw). It’s not just Harvey’s favorite toy – it’s also Charlie’s favorite and Olive’s favorite and indeed the favorite of dogs all across America.

How do I know? Because in my attempt to buy a new one I found a reddit threat of dog owners lamenting their inability to find any of these squeaky possums anywhere in retail stores or online.

It was a calamity.

Here I had all the money to buy my way out of this problem (I would have gladly paid ten times, twenty times the going rate from someone on ebay, except that they weren’t for sale on ebay). I couldn’t purchase my way through this vibration of scarcity.

All the money, all the friends, all the connections, all the technology, all the support – none of it could put Harvey’s favorite dog toy in my hands.

For that, I’m gonna need a good vibration.

And yet, so often we think if only we had the money (or the relationship, or the healthy body, etc.), we’d be home free. “Home free” comes from alignment, not from big bank accounts, or devoted partners, or perfectly healthy bodies. Alignment trumps all of those things every time.

In fact, you know what else wouldn’t get me that squeaky possum? All the effort. Hard work won’t win it for me, either. I tried that, too.

Only alignment can get me what I want.

That vibration unlocks every door to whatever dreams we hold.

Good things come from good vibrations, and that’s worth cultivating first and foremost no matter what our dreams and desires are.

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