Get To Know Me

Do you ever wonder how the hell you got to where you are at this moment?

Hot mess. Deliberate or accidental, you are where you are. It happens so quietly. Just look at how you get through your day. The alarm goes off and you push yourself to get out of bed so you can drag your ass into work only to wish the moments away. You’re really looking forward to the next thing. And the next thing shifts into something crazy toxic and you barely get back under the covers scared of your own life. You dream of a different tomorrow. Swearing you won’t let life push you around and are going to have your shit together, soon. If only… other people would do their job. Or if other people were more understanding. Or if only you had more money, or time, or support… you get the idea

And nothing changes, and no one notices and the weekend comes and goes. So you do it all over, again. I’ve been there.

And I first had to accept there’s no emergency response team coming to find or fix my life. I couldn’t wait for others to rescue me anymore and I couldn’t let things stay the same.

I’d drifted so far away from my authenticate self, I felt like I was someone else. So I stepped up and stepped back into my life and it is everything I dreamt. So how did I do it; I learned to shift, baby.

And I’m here to share what I learned, and continue to learn on this journey. I’m looking forward to letting you in on the little things (and the big acts) that make that happen. How you can align with the universe and the stage it’s created for a play about you, the lead actor.

My name is Ravi. My imperfect life full of imperfect days that serve my highest self. I am so excited and grateful for each moment with work, play and family. I carry the adventure and gratitude into my most successful and challenging moments alike. Trust me, the universe is a forever teacher. Always seek the growth. What a gift to be alive and have this kind of power!

So stop shrinking your life and instead vibrate with the universe. It’s got you. And I applaud you.

Stay in Motion