The Importance of Courage – A Spiritual Perspective

The Importance of Courage – A Spiritual Perspective

Embracing the Flame of  Courage*

When we’re considering embarking on a new experience, a daring choice, or a deep inner transformation, we may often ask “do I have the courage?”

From a spiritual perspective, courage is not simply the absence of fear, but a potent force that ignites the journey towards our authentic selves. It is the flame that illuminates the path through darkness, the strength to face our shadows, and the unwavering resolve to answer the call of our highest potential. To delve into this vital quality, we can draw inspiration from the wisdom of three spiritual teachers: Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, and Michael A. Singer.

Marianne Williamson: The Courage to Love Greatly:

For Marianne, courage is inextricably linked with love. One of her most famous quotes is: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

Marianne challenges the misconception that courage is about conquering external obstacles; she instead points to the inner landscape, where the true test of courage lies in loving & embracing our own radiant potential. It takes immense courage to confront our limiting beliefs, shed layers of self-doubt, and allow our inner light to shine forth, unburdened by fear of judgment or failure.

Eckhart Tolle: The Courage to Surrender:

Eckhart offers another perspective on courage. He emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the present moment, a practice that requires a deep inner courage.

He tells us that the primary cause of all unhappiness is never the situation itself, but your thoughts about it. To embrace the present moment, even when it is uncomfortable or challenging, takes immense courage. 

It requires letting go of the need to control, the resistance to what is, and the desire for a different reality. This surrender, however, is not about resignation; it is about finding inner peace and strength within the current circumstances.

Michael A. Singer: The Courage to Witness:

Michael, the author of  “Untethered Soul,”encourages us to adopt the role of witness to our own internal dramas, observing thoughts and emotions without judgment or resistance. This act of witnessing  requires a different kind of courage, one that allows us to face our demons without clinging to them or fearing their power. 

He writes: “We are not our thoughts, emotions, or sensations; we are the awareness that observes them.” In this state of detached observation, we cultivate the courage to let go of our identification with the ego and its fear-based narratives, ultimately liberating ourselves from the shackles of self-judgment and self-doubt.

These  perspectives on courage  transcend the limitations of any single definition. It is the courage to love ourselves fully, to surrender to the flow of life, and to witness our inner world with unwavering presence. It is the flame that guides us through the shadows of uncertainty, propels us towards personal growth, and empowers us to answer the call of our true purpose.

Embracing courage doesn’t mean eliminating fear; it means choosing to act despite it. It is the unwavering commitment to move forward, even when the path ahead is unclear or shrouded in doubt. As Marianne reminds us: “The Spirit whispers: ‘Take a chance on faith. Trust the love. Let it pull you through.’

 This faith, this trust in the power of our own inner light, is the essence of spiritual courage.

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Patsy/Purnima Griffiths

*Thanks to Bard (2023) and Jane Ewins for writing this blog.

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