The Importance of Connection – A Spiritual Perspective

The Importance of Connection – A Spiritual Perspective

Connection – A Sacred Bridge*

Across cultures and across time, the human spirit has yearned for connection. From the primordial fire shared by our early ancestors to the global digital networks of today, we seek to bridge the gap between self and other. This yearning, this innate pull towards connection, whispers of something deeper, something that resonates within the very essence of our spiritual existence.

When we cultivate this connection in our daily lives we experience a profound transformation. We discover a wellspring of love and compassion within ourselves and embrace all who cross our path.

Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi mystic, speaks of this connection as a “lover’s dance,” a whirling dervish of oneness where “self and not-self are lost in a single embrace.” He urges us to “seek not the face, but the eyes behind the face,” for it is in the depths of our shared humanity, in the flicker of recognition in another’s gaze, that the Soul truly finds itself.

Eckhart Tolle echoes this sentiment when he speaks of “the Now,” a timeless present where all separation melts away. He suggests that true connection arises not from external actions, but from the “inner space of being,” from a deep awareness of the interconnectedness that permeates all existence. In that quiet space, we recognize the divine spark within each other, the shared breath of life that binds us all.

Michael A. Singer, in his book “The Untethered Soul,” offers a practical perspective on this spiritual connection. He describes the ego, our sense of self, as a “house guest,” a transient visitor who often dominates our inner landscape. When we learn to detach from the ego’s incessant chatter and connect with the stillness within, we discover a vastness that extends beyond the limitations of individual identity. This vastness, Singer suggests, is the wellspring of true connection, a reservoir of love and understanding that overflows to nourish all who come near.

In this state of detached observation, we experience a profound sense of unity, recognizing that the apparent “others” are merely masks worn by the same universal consciousness. This realization fosters a genuine, effortless connection – recognizing that we are all players in the same grand cosmic drama.

We can cultivate this profound connection by:

Being mindful: Practice awareness of the present moment, both within ourselves and in our interactions with others. Pay attention to the subtle nuances of body language, the flicker of emotions, the unspoken words that dance between souls.

Being compassionate: Cultivate genuine empathy and understanding for the human journey in all its forms. See beyond the surface to the shared struggles, the common hopes, the vulnerabilities that bind us together.

Being of service: Offer your time, talents, and resources to others without expectation of reward. In the act of giving, we tap into the universal flow of energy, the interconnectedness that sustains all life.

Accepting what is : Embrace the diversity of human experience. Recognize that differences are not barriers, but threads in the rich tapestry of existence. Learn to see beauty and wisdom in perspectives different from your own.

Choosing silence whenever possible: Sit in quiet reflection. Allow the silence to become a bridge, a gateway to the inner space where connection blossoms.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”  Rumi


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Patsy/Purnima Griffiths

*Thanks to Bard (2023) and Jane Ewins for writing this blog.

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