The Art of Being Dismissive

“Oblivious” or “dismissive” aren’t usually complimentary descriptions, but these are manifesting moves that many conscious creators would do well to embrace.

Our conditioning (or our natural character) sometimes oppose these focusing habits that can be conducive to successful manifesting.

That’s why it’s worth learning to be more dismissive and more selective about what we activate.

Those of us who are considerate, empathetic, observant, attentive people tend to notice and dwell on things that might be better off ignored. There are times when it’s smart to downplay a situation, or not be too sure about what we’ve heard or seen. Or forget it altogether!

Consider the definition of dismissive: “feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration.”

Conscious creators know there is something to be said for being deliberately and discerningly selective about what we hold in mind. Some things (many things, actually) simply don’t deserve our consideration.

That can include things that happen to us medically, financially, or even in relationships. There are some things worth being dismissive of.

And only each of us can really know what those things are. That’s when we want to trust our own inner guidance about what’s worth attending to and what isn’t.

Like when a friend mentioned a “minor medical event” instead of headlining the conversation with, “I had a heart attack!” Or when another friend went months without mentioning he was out of work until after he was on the upswing again.

I’m not saying that’s the best way to go for everyone in all challenging situations, but there can be a lot of LOA wisdom in not making a big deal out of things we don’t want to expand.

The skill of dismissiveness means knowing how to ignore what you don’t wan , and being able to turn the spotlight to what you do want.

It means not lingering on stories of love interests who ghosted us, or bosses who made bad calls. Instead we exaggerate how friendly the cashier was, or how quickly the tech issue resolved. We emphasize the parts we prefer, and dismiss the parts that aren’t worth our consideration.

A basic tenet of conscious creation is that anything you don’t want more of is not worth your consideration.

Know when to close your eyes, when to assume you misheard, when to hang up the phone and stop replying and change the subject … these are good manifesting skills.

Because sometimes, it serves us better to ignore, to minimize, and to overlook.

It’s okay to be dismissive of the things that don’t deserve your attention.

So add this skill to your repertoire and watch your manifesting expertise grow!

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