Life’s Purpose: Embrace Joy with 10 Empowering Steps

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

In this video, I share 10 Steps to Finding Your Life’s Purpose. 

What is your dharma, your life’s meaning? The word Dhri means ‘to hold’ – what holds your world together and keeps you continuing to wake up each day with a grateful and eager heart?

If you are still trying to find exactly why you were put on this planet and for what purpose, start the process of self-exploration by absorbing the following questions:

Ask ‘what’s my passion?’ – what am I loving in life? How do I lose track of time? What gives me a spark inside? What do I enjoy doing with my time, regardless of financial gain?

Whos’ in my front row? Who are the people that support me, and cheer me on?

What can I offer the world – what’s my unique gift that allows me to help, heal or serve others? What am I good at? Where do my talents lie?

What am I an expert in? (Give yourself props and pat yourself on the back for the things you are brilliant at!)

What is my dream? What is my desire? What is calling to me?

What can I leverage right now, in my current situation? How can I raise my vibration in the world right now?

What step can I take to move me closer to the dream? (Think baby steps!)

What do I need to do in order to walk that step? What people are surrounding me that can help?

Can I give myself permission right now to reach out to who I need to? Who or what will be taking me further towards my highest expression?

What commitment do I make to myself right now? A commitment is a sacred pact between my soul and the universe. How can I commit more to my own personal journey in the world?

Allow these questions to seep into your consciousness as you continue to expand your horizons and evolve into your highest expression. Remember that YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for all this time!

With love from davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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