Less Is More in LOA

We’ve got a couple of unassuming threads at the Good Vibe University forums that are easy to overlook for the power they hold …

One is for sharing your favorite thing from the day, another is a little list of things that please you. There’s another one for posting your daily intention and another to make willy nilly wishes. We’ve also got a horn tootin’ thread and a manifestation report thread …

Each one is designed to spotlight something fun or successful or appreciative from/for your day.

Of the hundreds of fellow creators at GVU, there are maybe just a dozen of us posting to those threads with any consistency. (Shout out to Alex, Rose, Starseed, Agnele, Brandon, Marie, and Fernando!)

I know there are plenty of places and ways to focus on something delightful or desirable, so hopefully those who aren’t doing it in the GVU forums are doing it somewhere else, because this is a powerful practice that is easy to overlook.

Logging what you’re loving lately doesn’t seem like a big exercise that’s going to move the dial in a profound way. After all, most folks are looking for the hottest secret formula or the newest manifesting technique to turn thoughts into things fast.

But they would be remiss to dismiss the unassuming habit of highlighting life’s highlights. Like how fun it was to find our favorite thing on sale at the store, or how delighted we were to get a perfect score on the test, or how much we enjoyed our latest discovery on Netflix.

They want the sexy stuff; the things that bring dramatic change – like winning the lottery and healing the body overnight.

How is talking about loving a bowl of hot soup on a snowy day going to change anything?

But that’s exactly what makes the big difference over time … creating the habit of delight. Making a point of appreciation. Deliberately tuning attention to something enjoyable.

It’s like the miracle of compounding interest, where a tiny investment made consistently grows to an amazing fortune over time. (Ten cents a day starting in your 20s at 10% daily compounded interest grows to a seven figure windfall over 53 years! Just a dime a day is all it takes to become a millionaire!)

It’s the same with compound vibration management … just one good feeling deliberate thought a day, made consistently over time, leads to big dreams come true.

Just like the hare and the tortoise – a little bit, consistently, over time, makes the real difference. Small, sustainable tweaks is where the gold is.

Like posting about your favorite thing from the day. Or going to bed thinking about three highlights from the day or imagining what you’re looking forward to tomorrow.

It’s not hard. And it doesn’t seem like it packs much of a punch. But if you keep doing it over time, a little bit every day adds up to millionaire status. This stuff builds on itself. It takes hold in your life and spreads. And that changes everything.

No, it’s not sexy. But it is the smart play.

Don’t discount the power of the little things. Anything we can use to entrain our focus to what we like, what we appreciate, what feels good – is in service to our vibration. And that’s all we ever have to do to let our favorite dreams come true.

Over at GVU there are a handful of us quietly unassumingly becoming vibrational millionaires on ten cents a day.

And you don’t need a GVU forum thread to win this game! A gratitude journal, a white board, a nighttime basking routine, a manifesting buddy … some how, some way, just get in the little habit of looking for things that please you. And pretty soon that’s all life delivers – more things that please you.

Isn’t it cool how this LOA stuff works?! 😉

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