Give Up the Battle

Conscious creators know that resistance is futile, because we fuel whatever we push against.

So of course we know not to base our manifestations on what we don’t want. That would be silly and ineffective! The only thing that works is to put our focus on what we do want. Duh. Everyone knows.

But turning attention from what we don’t want over to what we do prefer is easier to say than it is to practice.

Because lots of savvy creators are attempting to create things like:

Manifesting a new job because they’re fed up with the current one
Attracting a romance because they don’t want to be alone
Creating a 20 lb weight loss because they don’t like feeling heavy

Of course you and I would never do such a thing! We know too much! We wouldn’t do that.

And there I was, waking up to the thought that I really hope Don Diego doesn’t poop on the carpet. In fact, what’s that I smell? Is that poop?! Did he just poop on the carpet?! Omgosh, he better not have! Argh!

That was my first morning thought.

The question isn’t did he poop on the carpet; but how hasn’t he when my waking thoughts are so strongly focused there?! I’m practically compelling him to do exactly what I don’t want by being so dialed on it!

This personal example makes it obvious that my focus isn’t helping, but many times it’s not so clear cut.

We naively think we’re focused on “plenty of money” and “perfect health” when in the background we’re well aware of how much we don’t like running out of money or the uncomfortable symptoms are still here.

As long as our manifesting work includes the vibration of what we don’t want, our progress is stymied. It works way better when we aren’t handicapping ourselves with the frequency of resistance.

So how do we release the resistance to make it easier to create the realities we prefer?

There’s more than one approach …

One is to simply refuse to engage contrary resistance-based thoughts. You just don’t go there. Or if you do, you immediately swap out the thought with something more aligned.

I used this approach in manifesting my coaching practice after I quit my job. I was good at noticing when the fear of “this isn’t going to work” thoughts came up and replacing them with thoughts that took me where I wanted to go instead of where I didn’t want to go.

But the routine that often works better for me is to just dial down the contrast on what I’ve been resisting. Meaning, find a way to let it be okay or not mind it so much. It doesn’t have to be a big hairy deal.

Like, if my animal dies (my biggest most extreme contrast), well, it happens to everyone sooner or later. They’re gonna go in a variety of ways, and I don’t have to control that in order to be okay. Also, death isn’t the terrible thing we’ve been trained to think of it as. It’s not “the end.” It’s just a change. And it’s a change I can accept. I’ve done it many times; I’ll do it many more. Who am I to say how long someone should live and how they should make their exit from this reality? That’s not my call. There’s plenty more to love, and I can still love them even if they’re not sitting on the chair next to me.

(These are the thoughts that soften some of the rough edges for me. Your mileage may vary.)

I can feel that thought process softening my resistance to losing an animal. And it sounds contradictory, but if I can stop fearing it so much, I’m not as strong a magnet for the thing I don’t want.

Making peace with the thing we fear – or at least turning down the volume on it – can be helpful. Sometimes I practice it by imagining the worst case scenario so the irrational fear can’t continue unabated. It pulls the rug out from under the gremlins that want me to think this would be really bad. Because I’m looking right at it, and I can see how it’ll be okay. It’s not gonna be that bad.

(Remember the time when my true love dog Joe was sick, and I was terrified for a minute that I might lose him, but then I remembered big contrast means big expansion. Could Universe be fixing to send me an even better true love dog that Joe?! Well, Universe, I’d like to see that. And I meant it! You think you can do better than Joe?! Bring it on! And Joe got better. !!)

Another thing that helps tone down the resistance are the spiritual teachings to love what is. Because when we make friends with reality instead of demonizing it, we’re already winning the contrast game.

My point is that it’s smart to find a way to not be so uptight about what we don’t want. Or not be so aware of what’s wrong. Or not to push against what we don’t like so much.

Drop that battle. Let it be okay. Or let it not bother you that much.

However we can stop signaling Universe with “Not this!” because it can’t do anything but give us exactly that when we’ve got it activated.

This is harder to do when we’ve had long-standing habits of pushing against. It’s harder to make peace when we’re more familiar with war. So let’s embrace the chances to practice, even if it’s just for the sake of the carpet. lol

From Abraham: “If you can appreciate what is even in the absence of the improvements you seek then the improvements you seek must come fast.”

Here’s to appreciating what is, loving what’s so, or at least not minding it as much – and letting the “even better” unfold in delicious, delightful ways right before our very eyes.

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