Friendly Reminder: It’s Your Move

A quick note to any frustrated creators out there …

In conscious creation, the manifestors go first. Not the Universe.

We’re the ones who launch the party. We don’t wait for Universe to deliver the goods so then we can have a good time.

If you’re trying to manifest something so you can feel better, this is just a friendly reminder that you’ve got it backwards.

That’s the muggle approach to life: change circumstances out there to then feel better in here.

The LOA way is find a way (any way!) to feel better first, and then reality reflects your upgraded vibration.

If you’re looking to manifest what you want so then you can be happy – that’s not the setup for success. The conscious creation approach is to get happy (or find relief) first and then life gets better.

Vibration management means we lead the way by raising our frequency (some how some way), which makes us a better match to dreams come true. Not the other way around. The manifestation comes after you feel better. If you’re trying to get the manifestation in order to feel better, this is not how it works.

So the next time you’re wondering how to create more money or what it takes to lose the weight or what’s so tricky about having a fulfilling relationship – remember that Universe is waiting for you to go first. Find a way to feel better. In thought or action, whatever you can think or do to feel better, that’s where this party gets good. You go first.

When you’re wanting circumstances to change so you can feel better, that’s your cue to remember that it’s your move. You feel better, then Universe responds.

And there isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t forgotten this at one point or another in our manifesting career!

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