50% off Crystal Spheres: In-store only

50% off Crystal Spheres: In-store only

Special offer starts 23 December until 24 December

We have a wide range of Crystal Spheres in our Berry store.

Benefits contributed to Crystal Spheres:

1. Amplify Harmony and Wholeness:

The very shape of a sphere embodies perfect symmetry and oneness. Its smooth, uninterrupted form promotes the harmonious flow of energy, creating a sense of balance and unity within your space. Think of it as a miniature energy conductor, inviting peace and dispelling discord.


2. Enhance Focus and Self-Awareness:

Gazing into a crystal sphere can act as a gateway to introspection. The reflective surface encourages self-reflection, allowing you to delve into your thoughts and emotions with clarity. This introspective journey can open doors to self-discovery and personal growth.
By holding a sphere during meditation, its focus point can help channel your attention and quiet wandering thoughts. This stillness invites deeper introspection and connection with your inner self, potentially leading to insights and a sense of inner peace.


3. Support Manifesting Intention and Clearing Energetic Blockages:

Crystal spheres are believed to amplify and direct your intentions. Programming your sphere with a specific desire or goal, then holding it with focused visualization, can empower the manifestation process. The amplified energy flow surrounding the sphere is thought to attract and channel energies aligned with your intention.
Similarly, the smooth, circular form of the sphere is believed to clear stagnant energy and negativity. Placing a sphere in areas prone to tension or conflict can help disperse these energies, creating a lighter and more positive atmosphere. (Bard 2023)



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