5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Manifesting Game Now

Want an easy way to get better at creating what you want?

Here are five simple things you can do today to become a better match to dreams come true.

For best results, pick two that resonate – and then repeat tomorrow! That’s all it takes to give Universe the opening it needs to deliver something good …

1. Give Up a Battle

Let whatever’s bothering you be okay for now. Whether it’s a relationship, your weight, finances, a job dissatisfaction – whatever you’ve been fighting against, just for today, let it go. You can always rejoin the battle tomorrow (or not). For today, just set it aside and relish the relief.

2. Enjoy Something (Anything!)

Give yourself an extra treat or delight. Show yourself you know how to enjoy the good stuff life has to offer. Maybe it’s an especially good food choice, a nice conversation with a friend, a reason to laugh, or even just permission to relax.

3. Upgrade the Convo

Tell a better story, whether it’s one you’re having with yourself or with someone else. Any story will do, but especially the ones that don’t feel delightful already. Pick any conversation and tell the upleveled version. (This is especially powerful when you upgrade the story of yourself.)

4. Stop Efforting

Whatever you’re trying to make happen, or wherever you’re exerting a lot of effort, ease up on the exhausting action. Magic happens when we stop trying so hard. For overachievers, perfectionists, and those who try to earn the reward by proving worthiness through hard work, this method is especially effective in allowing big manifesting results.

5. Turn It Over

Another way to access your best manifesting magic is to invite your higher helpers to the party. You could set an intention, delegate to Universal manager, call in angels, or whatever your favorite way to get the big guns in on the action. The key is to let it go once you hand it over!

Engaging any one of these methods gives you a vibrational boost that puts you in better range of dreams come true. Follow your guidance about whatever feels best and let the magic roll!

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